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LeMedia is an XBMC system that is based on the minimal Debian. We integrated hardware acceleration as best as we could, it can play 1080P and 720P video, not perfect, but we are working on it. 

1. Based on minimal Debian wheezy.
2. XBMC build from xbmc_Gotham_A10: https://github.com/warped-rudi/xbmc.git .
3. Enable sunxi_cedar_mod, mali_drm, drm, mali, ump driver module;
4. Pre-install UMP library;
5. Pre-install xorg and fbturbo_driver driver;
6. Pre-install libvdpau;
7. Pre-install libhybris wrapped Android libraries;
8. Pre-install LIRC, you can configure your own IR sender;
9. Auto mount usb storage;
10. Auto start XBMC when system boot;
11. Auto log in using root user;
12. Password is root/bananapi ;
13. Kernel version is 3.4.103;
14. Default display  resolution is 1080p ;
15. Audio ouput from audio jack by default.

Download Link: http://www.lemaker.org/resources/9-191/lemedia.html

Or you can order the image from us in an 8GB Class 10 Card 

This Image does not support WIFI- it works with ethernet cable only at this time.

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