The Banana Pi D1 -Lamobo D1 is the smallest open-source development board around, with a built-in HD mini camera. Create your own mini-cam now!

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The BPi-D1 or Lamobo D1- was developed after a successful Kickstarter campaign by Lamobo of China. We are now the official distribuitors in the US of this cool little board. Now in stock & shipping

Overview - What Is it?

The Lamobo D1 is an incredibly small and portable multimedia development board with a built-in HD mini camera. It allows you to create and customize your own mini-cam and can be a valuable part of any cool hardware you are working on.

Even with all the top-notch features it has as a mini-cam, the beauty of the D1 lies in how customizable and open-source it is. For example, you can upgrade the lens (D1 Pro version) and storage or add night vision, and it’s all powered by Linux. Even with this level of creative freedom, the D1 is 50-70% more affordable than other leading mini-cams or development boards that require add-on camera modules.

The Big Picture 

We created the D1 in part because we couldn't find a high-quality camera with real development features - in short, a portable HD camera that can be attached, reworked, rejiggered and whatever else the human imagination can come up with. As the development and creative process continued, we realized we had something special on our hands: a truly flexible combination mini-cam/development board that could really help makers and creative individuals everywhere bring their ideas to life. If you've used mini-cams like the GoPro or NannyCam, you know how valuable and useful a high quality portable camera can be. These models revolutionized how small a traditional camera can be, but Lamobo has explored even deeper territory, creating a hackable mini-cam and development board with rich multimedia features.

Detailed Features 

It's All Built-in!

We noticed that many industry-leading development boards are very versatile and customizable, but that all the plug-ins, add-ons, and attachments end up creating a stack of peripherals, making the boards anything but portable or neat. Things are even more frustrating for multimedia-minded markers. Never fear, though! The Lamobo D1 is designed specifically to give you all the multimedia tools you need in one small package. Simply connect to an external battery source (with your desired power capacity), and the D1 does the rest: there’s a HD mini-cam, audio sensor, microphone, CPU, GPIO, WiFi (requires nano WIFI dongle), and more - you name it, the D1 has it. Simple and clean, you're good to go.

Small, Small, Small 

At 1.42” (w) x 1.42” (l) and weighing in at 10g, it’s much smaller and lighter than any mini-cam or camera board out there, including the popular GoPro camera line and the Raspberry Pi camera board. The portability is contagious. In hardware development, it unlocks so many possibilities. As a mini-cam, it is ready for anywhere and any time.

D1 vs. a Quarter
D1 vs. a Quarter
D1 vs. the GoPro Hero3
D1 vs. the GoPro Hero3

The Power of Real-time HD Vision 

Small yet powerful, the D1 prides itself on providing high-resolution image quality: Both video and photos are captured at 1280x720p with a video capture rate of 30 fps. The camera also supports photo bursts. Our goal is to make sure you have your hands (and mind!) free for those wonderful moments you don't have to miss. So, imagine taping a powered D1 to your wall at a party. Connect to it via WiFi and you'll be able to view and record video and photos in real-time from a PC or smart phone. Backed up by our soon-to-be-released cloud server or a host of other infrastructure tools, it will be able to upload photo and videos to your Facebook page automatically and within a customized time frame.

If storage is a concern, you will never have to think twice about recording with the D1, as it's equipped with hefty internal (64MB/16MB RAM/Flash) and external (8GB SD card included) storage. 

There are 3 modes of power consumption:

Power-off = 0 power consumption  

Recording+wifi-off = 200mAh per hr  

Recording+wifi-on = 350mAh per hr

So, a D1 (with a 10000mAh battery and expandable SD card storage) will be able to record continuously for up to 24 hours. Of course, it's easy to upgrade to even stronger battery/memory combinations.  

If you're a night vision fan (or even just a person that doesn't always have time to take pictures during the day), we have a surprise for you. Forget about wasting time and energy mounting a heavy external light or making a DIY LED for your mini-cam. - the D1 board offers built-in LEDs to help you shoot in any lighting conditions.

The D1's Night Vision Kit, featuring LED Lights
The D1's Night Vision Kit, featuring LED Lights

The D1 features 8 GPIO (General Purpose Input-Output) pins, and the D1 Pro has 20, which really pushes the potential of your multimedia board set-up. 

Open-Source Ethos: Software 

Our team has 14 years of experience in software development, so you're in good hands. The D1 comes with built-in firmware, running on Linux 3.4.35 and Kernel. Write straightforward code to further discover the D1’s development capability. For example, you could program the camera to only shoot videos once it has detected continuous motion for 3 seconds. Other possibilities include taking pictures exclusively of still objects or turning on at a predetermined time. The D1 is your playground. How many out-of-the-box mini-cams are this smart? None.  

Coding the D1 on Linux
Coding the D1 on Linux
Real-time View from the D1
Real-time View from the D1


At the end of the day, our goal is to deliver optimum value and features at a price anyone can afford, without having to compromise key multimedia gadget features. For example, the D1 has similar video resolution and imagery sensor specs as the GoPro HERO3, but has a wider array of compatible audio formats. The D1 is 1/3 the price of the GoPro and 1/2 the price of Raspberry Pi and its add-on camera board with similar features.

D1/D1 Pro Full Specs

o Size: PCB 1.42” (w) x 1.42” (l)

o CPU: 400MHz ARM926EJ 32Bits RISC Core 

o Internal Memory: 64MB DDR2 RAM

o Flash Memory: 16MB SPI-FLASH

o External Storage: embedded microSD Card Seat, with an included 8GB SD card and support for up to 64GB of storage. 

o Camera: HM1375 1.3M 1/4” CMOS Image Sensor SoC 1280x720p at 30 fps

o Video: H.264/MJPEG hardware encoding at 1280x720p at 30 fps. Requires 448 MB space per hour of recording.

o Audio: MIDI/MP3/WMA/AAC/AAC+/Speech

o WiFi: RTL8188EUS WiFi module that can switch to AP and the standard modes

o RTC: RTC circuit that supports OSD features

o Power Management: Li-ion with a power management IC 

o Microphone: Built-in electret microphone

o Speaker: Audio driver circuit that plays audio

o Power Consumption: Recording: 5V-200mA; WiFi on: 5V-350mA

o GPIO: 8GPIO pins (D1)/20GPIO pins (D1 Pro)

o UART: Independent UART debugging interface 

o USB: USB programming interface 

o DC: +5V power input o Battery: 3.7V Li-ion socket, battery is not included

o Operating System: Linux3.4.35 o Accessories: see "Rewards" section for more details.

Hardware Development Showcase

Our main goal in designing the D1 was to create a multimedia board so flexible and feature-rich that its applications were essentially limitless. We’re continually impressed by the innovation and creativity of the developer community, but wanted to offer a few suggestions of our own for the D1:

The Wearable Safety Cam

The D1 can help make sure your kids, pets or other loved ones are safe; whether they are out and about or home alone, you can keep an eye on them. Wanna make it fashionable? Go ahead!

The Mini-Cam Scout

Use your vision and imagination to build a scout! It could be anything from a cleaning robot at home to a little vehicle for running small errands.  

The Bird’s Eye View Drone 

Add a D1 to a drone and gain a new perspective on the world.

The Automated Timelapse 

Program the D1 to create gorgeous time-lapse photography with ease.


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