HiFiBerry - Raspberry Pi Compatible Audio Boards

We love the Raspberry Pi for its small form factor, its low power consumption and its flexibility. However the sound output is not designed for high fidelity sound. HiFiBerry adds high-quality sound to your Raspberry Pi. Our sound cards are designed for optimal sound output quality. It is the ideal solution for all Raspberry Pi users that love music. Our boards are compatible with almost all Raspberry Pi models.
Our products connect directly to the Raspberry Pi, no external cabling is needed. All boards are supported in the standard Raspberry Pi kernel that is included in the Raspbian distribution. We are committed to Open Source software. All drivers are available as open source.
The HiFiBerry products are already assembled and no soldering is needed just plug and play. All necessary material is included. 
We are happy to let you know, that almost all the boards work with the new Raspberry Pi 3, but we still have issues with the Digi+ (both versions) and the DAC+ Pro. Both are currently not working correctly with the new Raspberry.
We think the problem is caused by a firmware problem of the Raspberry Pi. We work closely together with Raspberry Pi developers to find the cause and solve this problem as fast as possible.
Here is a link to the FAQs related to the Raspberry Pi 3 compatibality 


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