Rasberry Pi Clear Acrylic Case Assembly

Here are some simple assembly instructions for the Raspberry Pi clear acrylic case

1 -  Lay the parts out on a table. They are shipped with a protective thin plastic layer, make sure to peel it off before you start assembling the case.

the side which has the peripheral symbol printed on goes to the inner part of the case.

2- pretty self explanatory, the side where the peripheral symbols are printed goes on the inner side. However the plate will ONLY fit one way.

3 - Insert the side with the audio and composite connector - 4 - Flip the case over, hold it together with one hand and place the bottom plate.
5- Now connect the side with the HDMI cut out. 6 - Connect the cover top and make sure the hinges go through the holes.
7- Snap the last piece of the puzzle and you are done!  8 - This is how the finished product should look like, the top flips open for easy access.


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